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(WAbotso v5.7.0.1 & above versions are with auto update feature)

No need to wait too long for new updates.

No need to install or uninstall files on every update.

No need to ask for updates each time.

You can check for new updates on software by yourself & can do update easily.

Bulk WhatsApp Sender - WAbotso

WAbotso is an automated software designed to send WhatsApp Messages in bulk directly from PC/Laptop in a simple and effective way. Based on latest multi-device beta api, having advanced AI auto bot reply, send Text, Videos, Photos & pdf messages. One of the best WhatApp Marketing Software all over the world.


Fun facts

We have some awesome funfacts for clients.

We have 11000+ customers using our bulk sender software, 800+ companies purchased for multiple pc licenses, we have 200+ affiliate resellers, our software is used across worldwide and currently 100+ countries are actively using it since 2018.


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Why you need to have Bulk WhatsApp Sender Marketing Software ????

Are you looking for a way to effectively reach out to a large number of people at once? WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender is an excellent solution for businesses and individuals who need to communicate with a large group of people quickly and efficiently. This tool allows you to send a message to multiple people at the same time, without having to manually copy and paste the same message to each individual. It’s fast, easy, and extremely convenient.



WhatsApp Bulk Sender is a great way to stay connected with customers, friends, and family. With this tool, you can quickly send out important updates, special offers, and important announcements. It’s also ideal for creating large WhatsApp groups or sending out messages to a large list of contacts.



The Bulk WhatsApp Sender Tool is very user-friendly and easy to use. All you need to do is upload your contacts, compose your message, and hit “send.” You can even customize your messages by adding images, videos, and links.


Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software is a great way to make sure that your messages reach to the right people. It’s a great way to save time and keep your contacts informed. Try it out today and see how it can help you stay connected with your contacts and clients.


All general queries are there in FAQs, read and clear your doubts before going to buy Bulk WhatsApp Marketing software.

How many WhatsApp messages I can send per day?

We recommend: For Unknown Contacts: Start initially with 50 messages per day and after few days increase no. of messages gradually like, 100/day >> 150/day >> 200/day and so on..... Don't send more than 1000 messages per day from 1 whatsapp account. For Known Contacts: Send messages upto 5000 contacts per day. Note:- Our Software have no limitations on number of messages and number of accounts you use, we recommend this for safety reasons.

Can I send Photo, Audio, Video or PDF files along with text messages?

Yes, you can send any types of photo, audio, video or pdf files along with text messages through attachment option in software.

Will my number be blocked/banned if I will send too many WhatsApp messages?

It generally depends on how much regular activities on your whatsapp account, if you have good conversation on your account and you have incoming messages as well including with outgoing messages activities then there are no or rare chances of blocking. If your account is newly created or having less regular activities on it, then we recommend to increase it's activities first (1) by using WhatsApp Account Engager or (2) by joining some random whatsapp groups.

What is the WhatsApp Accounts Engager?

According to WhatsApp Policy, WhatsApp banned/blocked those accounts which have less number of daily message (incoming or outgoing ) activities for sending bulk messages. We have recently launched WhatsApp Accounts Engager to solve this ban issues. This feature can reduce the chances of blocking WhatsApp accounts by increasing its daily message activities.

What are Anti-Blocking Settings?

In our software there are some delay time settings option, you can set them to prevent the chances of blocking.

Do I need to save contacts first to send bulk whatsapp messages?

No, you don't need to save contacts in your account to send whatsapp messages, you can send by simply importing contacts list in software through excel file, text file or manually copy paste method.

Can I send caption messages with Photos and Videos?

Yes, you can send caption messages with Photos and Videos, you have select attached photos or videos in attachment and then by right click, you will see set caption option, click on it and insert message there.

Is it possible to move the program to another PC?

Transfer is possible, you have to install software on another pc, and you need to send us new request key, after then we will give you new license and it will replace older pc license automatically, so software will no longer remain active on previous pc.
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Bulk WhatsApp Sender Features for WhatsApp Marketing​

Import Export Contacts

Send Personalized Message

Schedule Campaign

Send Personalized Message

Send Unlimited Messages

Auto Bot Reply

WhatsApp Group Grabber

Send Messages in Groups

WhatsApp Number Generator

Support Multiple Languages

WhatsApp Number Filter

Send Photos, Videos Audios & PDF Files

AI Anti Blocking System

WhatsApp Contacts Grabber

Send Photos & Videos with Caption

Add Multiple Accounts

Complete Delivery Report

bulk whatsapp sender

Get the most Powerful WhatsApp Message Sender for your Business by Digital Suvidha

Although there are more than 100+ similar Bulk WhatsApp Sender software's available in the market, none of them have been able to keep pace with us by providing regular free updates & customer support to our clients to make the WhatsApp bulk messaging software work.

✅ Create and send customized messages directly from your PC.
✅ Grab all member of a Whatsapp group to contact them via Bulk Sender.
✅ Ability to see the report of the campaign.
✅ Add Multiple Accounts to automatically send messages from different whatsapp account.

✅ Send Button Messages, Call Button, Reply Button & Url Button.

Watch Tutorials

How to import Excel file contact list in WAbotso ?

How to use Number Filter in WAbotso ?

WAbotso WhatsApp Number filter – Full Tutorial Step by Step Guide

How we can set Auto Reply Bot Rules in WAbotso?

How to use Group Grabber in WAbotso ?

A Better Way To Get Leads

It’s time to reduce your manpower cost, save your valuable time, convert more leads to grow your business with Marketing Automation Software.

  • ✅ Import / Exports Contacts
  • ✅ AI Anti Blocking Sysytem
  • ✅ Send Unlimited Messages
  • ✅ WhatsApp Number Filter
  • ✅ WhatsApp Number Generator
  • ✅ WhatsApp Group Grabber
  • ✅ WhatsApp Contacts Grabber
  • ✅ Schedule Campaign
  • ✅ Send Personalized Messages
  • ✅ Send Photos, PDF, Videos & Files
  • ✅ Send Photos with Caption
  • ✅ Compatible with Multi-device Beta
  • ✅ Complete Delivery Report
  • ✅ Send Messages to WhatsApp Group
  • ✅ Create Multiple Profile
  • ✅ AI Auto Bot Reply

Customer Feedback

Customer satisfaction is our top most priority.

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Affordable Pricing

Quality service at an affordable price. Yes… I want to stop manual work and increase my lead conversions.

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  • Single PC/Laptop Use
  • 1 Month License Validity
  • Free Software Updates
  • Free Customer Support
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  • Single PC/Laptop Use
  • Lifetime License Validity
  • Free Software Updates
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  • Single PC/Laptop Use
  • 1 Month License Validity
  • Free Software Updates
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  • Single PC/Laptop Use
  • Lifetime License Validity
  • Free Software Updates
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Payment Accepted Here

How to get License Key for Bulk WhatsApp Sender Software

➡️ After successful payment, send/share payment screenshot to us.

➡️ Download & Install the software.

➡️ After Installation open it, a popup will appear with a request key.

➡️Copy that request key and send us through WhatsApp. 

➡️ We will send you the the License Key according to your selected plan.

Ready to grow

“Money is NOT in the Number of Leads you have. Money is in the Number of FOLLOW-UPS you make.”

Customer Support

Bulk WhatsApp Messages Marketing Software

Everything you need to organize your business clients, beautifully

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What is Bulk WhatsApp Sender Software?

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software that allows users to send text, images, videos, pdf, documents in bulk with a single click. Either customer contacts are saved or unsaved you can send bulk whatsapp messages without loosing your valuable time for manual work like saving contacts first then send 5 at a time.

With bulk sender software you are able to send 1000s of messages in just doing single click. WhatsApp Software will automate the whole process and send bulk whatsapp sms automatically one by one to entire imported contacts list of software. You will have option to set delay time between sending of each messages in software settings, so you can be safe from blocking by whatsapp company. 

After purchase of bulk whatsapp software you will get set of safety instruction and recommended settings to use it with safety. We always provide good customer support to our valuable clients weather it’s about the installation process, payment method solution, billing, message sending process, software updates, pc change or transfer. We help our customers in all the aspects to grow digitally by using best marketing software – whatsapp bulk message sender.


Everyone across the world are using whatsapp as a main source of communication, it means that your targeted customers are there on whatsapp platform, whatsapp messaging will give you better ROI in comapre to any other marketing platform but to reach to your customers you can’t send manually to 1000s of your customers in less time period. WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender can solve this problem only and send message automatically in very less time and effort. Although there are many things you need to keep in mind to use bulk messaging software to be safe because whatsapp may ban your account if you use whatsapp bulk message sender without applying safety instructions or following recommendations. 


We provide those safety instructions which can prevent your account to be ban or reduce the chances of blocking to each of our customers at the time of purchase our service. We don’t do false promises but we help and recommend what is good for your whatsapp marketing or not. Misusing of bulk messaging services will always put you in trouble, so never use this service to send spam messages. Always use bulk whatsapp message software for marketing purpose for your business promotion, products or services to send unlimited whatsapp messages. 



How we do update of Bulk WhatsApp Sender?

We do update of WhatsApp API 2-3 times in a month because whatsapp continuosly updating their app, So to matain the compatibility with their current update we also need to update our software time to time regularly. When we do minor updates like WhatsApp API, Bug Fixing, we do it on cloud, so on that time no need for new installation file but in case of mazor updates like addition of New Features, Server Upgradtion etc. We provide new installation files to our Customers for Bulk WhatsApp Sender Latest Version.

How to save your WhatsApp Account from Ban issues?

While using bulk whatsapp marketing software you need to follow some important safety instruction provided by our expert team. By following all the safety instructions and settings in software you will not face any ban issues while sending messages in bulk to unknown customers. All the safety instruction you will get after activation of software with license key. So, don’t wait for it just click on buy now button and complete the payment process. You will get installation file & license key from our support team quickly. If you will face any kind of problem during installtion process you will be guided by our expert team.

Without Wasting Time I will go for it.

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